Help your child learn to effectively navigate anxiety.

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    Dr. Elizabeth Penela

    Licensed Psychologist,

    Anxiety & OCD Expert

    Who am I?

    Hi. I am a psychologist (and mom of two) who believes that when kids struggle with anxiety, it becomes a family affair. And parents are the key to success.

    I am formally trained in SPACE, an effective, research-based program for parents of children with anxiety, that was developed at the Yale Child Study Center.

    Over the last decade, I've worked in the trenches with hundreds of families, giving parents the tools to help their children become more confident and courageous.


    What I'll share with you:

    βœ… Science-based, actionable tips to help you feel calm and confident in teaching your child to effectively handle anxiety.

    βœ… Curated resources to support you on your unique journey of raising an anxious child.